15 de mayo de 2012

Motorola anuncia MOTOSMART MIX XT550 para China

Motorola Mobility and Sina Pump up the Volume with the New MOTOSMART™ MIX XT550
A hip, affordable smartphone that’s music to your ears in more ways than one
BEIJING – May 15, 2012 – Pop in your headphones and start jamming with MOTOSMART™MIX XT550, Motorola Mobility China’s all-new smartphone for music fans. Specifically created for people who really care about music, MOTOSMART MIX XT550 includes everything you’ve come to expect from Motorola smartphones, like great looks, Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) and a generous 4-inch screen. It also comes with tools to download, organize and enjoy the tunes you love, including Dolby® Mobile audio technology, SRS WOW HD™ sound-enhancement technology and an exclusive Sina Micro Music application. Whether you’re into pop, hip-hop, classical, or a little bit of everything, MOTOSMART™MIX XT550 helps you create, enjoy and share a portable music collection as distinctive as you are.

“We created MOTOSMART MIX XT550 for people who take their music seriously, and take it everywhere,” said Frank Meng, Corporate Vice President, President of Motorola Mobility, Greater China. “Both the music and the devices we carry with say a lot about who we are. With MOTOSMART MIX XT550 you can have a smartphone that does justice to your music without sacrificing any of the things you expect from a smartphone.”

MOTOSMART MIX XT550 is equipped with a long-lasting 1735mAh battery for up to 30 hours of non-stop music. Organize all your music with a 4.0-inch capacitive touchscreen and a Music Dashboard that displays your tunes visually. We also pulled out all the stops to give you an amazingly high-quality smartphone audio experience, with Dolby® Mobile and SRS WOW HD™ for rich, high-impact surround sound. MOTOSMART MIX XT550 also comes with high-quality headphones and a dedicated music key so you can control your music without taking the phone out of your pocket. Put it all together and your smartphone music experience has just gone from cheap seats to front row.

MOTOSMART MIX XT550 also has a 3-megapixel camera and a front-facing VGA camera, so you’ll be able to capture all of your musical moments, from jam sessions with your friends to the biggest concerts. With the exclusive Sina Micro Music application, you can even share your current music mood in real-time with your Weibo followers. And with rounded edges, a sleek design and poppy-red accents on your choice of white or black, MOTOSMART MIX XT550 looks cool, no matter where the music takes you.

"Sina and Motorola have a long history of cooperation and we are confident that the MOTOSMART MIX XT550 will be a huge success,” said Ms. Du Hong, COO of Sina. “MOTOSMART MIX XT550 is the only smartphone to be pre-loaded with the Sina Micro Music application, delivering an unprecedented mobile social experience to youth who love music and sharing.”

A powerful wave of music will soon spread across the nation! The ‘Share Music, Share Perspectives’ concert for MOTOSMART MIX XT550, co-sponsored by Motorola Mobility and Sina Micro Music, will take place on May 30 in Beijing. Popular music stars Liu Xin, Su Miaoling, Tan Jiexi, Wang Yuexin, and Yang Yang will perform live. Want to catch the show? Then visit www.motostore.com.cn, because starting today people who buy MOTOSMART MIX XT550 via the official Motorola China website will be automatically entered into a lucky draw for a chance to win one of the limited-supply concert tickets. First come, first served!

(Source: Motorola Press)

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