3 de julio de 2012

Press - Pantech launches new 5-inch Vega S5 LTE smartphone

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Pantech - SKY Vega S5 - IM-A840S - South Korea

  • 5-inch IPS HD LCD smartphone, allows the user to hold it with one hand while the thumb of the average hand can touch anywhere on the five-inch screen.
  • Sports a 13 megapixel camera alongside functions such as continuous auto tracking focus and zero shutter lag.
  • Embedded with a one-chip solution LTE baseband chip
  • Offers ‘100 days of service guaranteed’
Pantech plans to release a 5-inch smartphone ‘Vega S5’ (IM-A840S) exclusive with SK Telecom from July. Before the official release, reservations are available on the SK Telecom website( www.tworldshop.co.kr) from the 4th to 6th of July.

Pantech has pursued the ‘economics of technology for the smartphone’ which enables Pantech to give the biggest value to users by using ‘Vega’ branded gadgets. From the perspective of the economics of technology, this 'Vega S5' satisfies all users’ needs as it provides a big-screen size, portability and one-handed usability. In addition, its 13 million pixel camera is unparalleled to any of the other smartphones offered by their competitors in Korea. For more than six months, SK Telecom and Pantech have proceeded with a collaboration project in order to maximize the merchantable quality of 'Vega S5' and to meet the needs of smartphone users.

The letter “S” in Vega S5 refers to the screen, while the “5” comes from the size of the display screen and the five special features of Pantech’s new smartphone.

The first S of Vega S5 means, "Screen"; a large, clear and bright 5-inch IPS HD LCD screen
Pantech outfitted the S5 with a 5-inch HD IPS display which boasts a broad, clear and bright screen. Particularly using the touch-screen zero bezel technology, the bezel of the S5 is the thinnest compared to any smartphone with a 4 or 5-inch screen on the market. This minimizes the phone's footprint by more than 47%.

The second S of Vega S5 means "Style"; the big screen and portability with a Simple & Slim design
'Vega S5' is the only 5-inch smartphone which is optimized for the average Korean hand measuring a width of 8cm. Therefore users can hold it with one hand and allow their thumb to access all areas on the five inch screen. It also enables consumers to easily control the phone with just one hand instead of two and overcomes completely the weakness in existing smartphones; a lack of portability.

The third S of Vega S5 means “Strong”; Korea’s first smartphone embedded with a powerful 13 million-pixel camera
Vega S5 features a 13.0 megapixel camera function with tracking focus and zero shutter lag. This camera on the rear offers a 13M (4192x3104) resolution. No matter how much users magnify the picture, the picture remains sharp.

This powerful camera also features a variety of other functions; the 'Tracking Focus' feature, enabling the continuous shooting of moving targets, and 'Zero Shutter Lag' technology, offering continuous shooting which allows the user to hold down the shutter button and take a series of pictures of up to 300.

Battery performance has also been enhanced. Using the world's first WTR (RF chip type), Vega S5 dramatically reduced RF current consumption while it is fueled by a 2100mAh internal battery and equipped with the QUALCOMM LTE processor which offers an alleged 11 hours of talk time. Vega S5 proves Pantech’s advanced technology and the successful optimization of both the high-capacity battery and the latest processors.

The fourth S of Vega S5 means “Speed”; Contains an LTE single chip processor
Pantech Vega S5 is powered with a Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon MSM8960 dual core processor and LTE connectivity which enables users to enjoy unparalleled speeds. Embedded with a one-chip solution of both an LTE baseband chip and application processor in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8960, this LTE single chip dramatically improves both the performance and efficiency of the battery.

The fifth S of Vega S5 means “Special Care”; Pantech's own premium services to reassure customers
Pantech plans to initiate an innovative after-sales service; an assurance service for 100 days and it is expected to be a great benefit to the Vega S5 users. Since last June, Pantech extended free service targets and the warranty period and started to subscribe to a courier service. Pantech will continue to bring in service innovation so that Pantech’s customers can be assured of high levels of satisfaction when selecting Pantech’s Sky mobile phones.

In addition, Vega S5 has greatly enhanced user-friendly features; the ‘Screen Link’ feature which enables users to share the screen not only between Vega S5 users but also between the Vega S5 and TV browsers, a Mini Window feature allows the user to watch videos in a small window while using other functions on the phone, and the Smart Voice which is Pantech’s own voice recognition feature. Even an alarm, e-mail, Google maps and calendar features have been added.

Meanwhile, the 'Vega S5' comes with the latest Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and is released in two colors; white and black.

Choi Gi-Chang, the executive director of Pantech's Domestic Marketing Division said "The 'Vega S5' is the masterpiece of Pantech and its big screen and portability will cater to all the needs of our users.” He then added, "Through ‘Vega’, the trademark of Pantech, We will do our best to please smartphone users.”

As Pantech launched the Vega Racer 2 one step ahead of their competitors and now is currently releasing Vega S5, Pantech is planning to build up a strong presence in the domestic LTE smartphone market with fierce competition in the third quarter. Thanks to the most powerful performance and the diverse gadgets which satisfy the needs of users, it is expected that Pantech will outpace a number of world class cellphone manufacturers.
(Pantech Press Releases - South Korea)

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