25 de agosto de 2012

Press: OwnFone is Launched!

Un móvil de lo mas sencillo, personalizable por el usuario, pensado para los niños y la tercera edad. Permite configurar previamente hasta 12 números, y no se podrá llamar a ninguno mas, pero se pueden cambiar dado que estan en la nube. Tampoco permite SMS, es un teléfono sin mas.

ownFone - cycell - Parkinson's UK - Addison Lee

Press Release:
OwnFone is Launched!
Posted by CyCell on 24 August 2012
Today CyCell launched its own consumer brand OwnFone - the world's first personalised mobile phone.
OwnFone is a new mobile phone concept: a mini, light, low cost cloud phone that connects you directly with a small network of friends and family. To make a call simply press the name or photo of the person you want to speak to. The OwnFone uses personalisation and cloud computing to achieve a new level of simplicity and freedom.
ownFone - cycell - Parkinson's UK - Addison LeeownFone - cycell - Parkinson's UK - Addison Lee

On the outside every OwnFone looks different but on the inside they're all the same, made from a blank mobile device called a Seed, invented by Thomas Sunderland, CyCell's Founder. You can design your OwnFone online at www.myownfone.com which is then built in the UK using a new high speed production process developed by CyCell. Your OwnFone design is printed onto a Seed using a specialist printing process and the telephone numbers for your friends and family are stored on the cloud. Your OwnFone arrives within a week and if you lose it, no problem, OwnFone can simply 'print and program' a new one for you. If you ever need to change the numbers on your OwnFone this can be done instantly over the cloud.

The result is a new class of mobile device designed to work as a main phone or a second handset and provide a balance to Smartphones. Design an OwnFone for your child or elderly parent, or for yourself and switch from your Smartphone to your OwnFone when you go for a run, to the club, or fesival. You can divert incoming calls from your Smartphone to your OwnFone so you never miss a call. In Shutdown mode OwnFone will last up to a year, giving you the peace of mind that you can call your friends and family in an emergency.

Over time, CyCell plans to extend the range of design options on the OwnFone website. Right now, you can design an OwnFone with Word buttons in an initial range of colours and styles. Braille and Photo buttons are coming next, along with a greater choice of styles to suit different ages and tastes.

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